Vacuum cleaners for fire departments

Rössle Feuerwehrsauger

Experts in handling water

In recent years, in addition to the existing business areas of natural stones and technology for clean ponds, Rössle AG has also developed into a specialist in the field of water and sludge vacuum cleaners for fire departments. Disaster events such as heavy rain, floods and inundations are occurring with increasing frequency. We quickly realized that the water and sludge vacuum cleaners, which were originally used for pond cleaning, could be an effective aid in this case. Thus, the devices have been optimized and specially adapted to the needs of firefighters. Through this step and constant innovative developments, Rössle AG has achieved a market-leading role in Europe. Little by little, we have thus established ourselves as experts in disaster management. The devices of the HYDRA series have proven themselves in emergencies all over the world. The units, which were deliberately designed without electronics and are suitable for continuous operation, are ready for use at any time. Thus, you fulfill one of the most important premises of fire departments worldwide: “always be prepared”. To complement the water and sludge vacuum cleaners and in response to the increasing number of water applications, the product range also includes powerful sewage/submersible pumps in various sizes for different applications Other useful products such as the pre-separator, the universal squeegee and the multi-skimmer HYDRA SWAP for suction of oil and contaminated substances from surface waters complete the wide range of products for water control. With Rössle AG, fire departments are always up to date: TECHNOLOGY you can rely on! See for yourself – click on the button below to reach the website for our vacuum cleaners for fire departments business division.