Rössle AG - A company with versatile competences

In the course of the company’s long history, Rössle AG has established itself with its products in several industries and, thanks to innovative new and further developments, now occupies market-leading positions. In the business division of natural stones, Rössle AG offers the gardening and landscaping industry as well as private individuals the entire range of natural stone products for a beautiful design of open spaces, areas and gardens. During a visit to our showroom with the adjacent outdoor storage you can discover the diversity of the range. Over the last two decades, Rössle AG has also become a specialist in the field of water and sludge vacuum cleaners and cleaning brushes. Owners of swimming ponds, natural pools and koi ponds will find state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and useful aids for maintenance and basic cleaning in the Technology for Clean Ponds business division. In the area of equipment for firefighters, fire departments will find a wide range of products for fighting water, for example in cases of heavy rain, flooding or flooded rooms. The HYDRA series of water and sludge vacuum cleaners, which have proven themselves internationally in emergencies, as well as various submersible pumps and other useful products, are an effective emergency aid for dealing with masses of water. Not only in fire departments, but also in the industrial business sector, among others, the water and sludge vacuum cleaners are used more and more often. The areas of application are versatile and range, for example, from drainage on construction sites to water removal during core drilling or pipe bursts to work operations with leaked coolants and hydraulic oils. The interrelationships between the business areas become apparent when you take a look at the product portfolio: the experience and customer opinions gathered create synergies between the individual areas and help with product development, enabling us to supply you with ideal, high-quality equipment to meet your needs.
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