Technology for clean ponds

Rössle Technik für saubere Teiche

Effective and effort-saving pond cleaning

“How do I clean the natural stones that I have installed in a pond?” This question, frequently asked of us by gardeners and landscapers, was the impetus for our products in the Technology for Clean Ponds series. As experts in natural stone, we have always been able to help with the cleaning issue, but the incentive also arose to make the strenuous and energy-sapping pond cleaning process easier. So we started out as a dealer of water and sludge vacuum cleaners. Since 2009, we have been manufacturing our own pond suction cleaners as well as pond cleaning brushes. Over the past 20 years, Rössle AG has gained a lot of experience in the field of pond cleaning. In the meantime, Rössle AG has not only established itself on the market, but has even become a market leader. Our pond suction cleaners around the FANGO 2000 and the TORPEDO series as well as our pond cleaning brushes BIBER 22 BRUSH and BISAM 44 BRUSH are popular devices used by professionals as well as private users for the basic cleaning of their water bodies. Our range is supplemented by all kinds of useful extras that are ideally designed for the special applications in natural water cleaning. Discover the variety of products on our website with integrated web store by clicking on the button below. Help yourself to a simple and energy-saving water cleaning.