Industrial vacuum cleaners for sludge

Rössle Industrie-Schlammsauger

Powerful technology for handling water

After water and sludge vacuums for pond cleaning and for fire departments, Rössle AG expanded its product range in 2021 to include vacuum cleaners specially adapted for the industrial sector and created the industrial vacuum cleaners for sludge business division. Tasks involving water, sludge and spilled liquids are commonplace in the industrial and construction sectors. The areas of application are versatile: from construction site drainage, flat roof extraction, building drying to water removal during core drilling and during gutter and gully inspections. We have set ourselves the goal of providing companies with effective and labor-saving equipment to help them accomplish these tasks. The result of the development process is the MACH I and MACH II industrial vacuum cleaners for sludge.

Together with supplementary accessories such as our waste water and submersible pumps and many other useful products, MACH I and MACH II are widely used helpers in water, mud or oil-related operations that won’t leave you out in the rain. Please visit our website for the industrial vacuum cleaner for sludge business division via the button below and convince yourself of our equipment and products for industrial needs.